View Full Version : Random choppyness/fps drops

25th Aug 2011, 16:39
Hey guys, I looked around and tried not to copy a post, but I found one that spoke about these issues - but spoke about other issues as well, so i thought I would just post this.

My setup
Windows 7
XPS 8300
2nd generation intel i7-2600
XFX HD 6870

Long story short, I can play Crysis 2 in 1080p, in DX11, with the High-res texture download (still haven't noticed the texture changes too much) perfectly without the slightest of hiccups, and no insult so DE: Human Revolution, but Crysis 2 looks years better. I have no issues with anything other than this. I've read some of the other video-related issues, but the only problem I am having is just these random FPS drops that come almost out of nowhere. Messing with any of the video options doesn't do a single thing, but it seems to happen a lot more in city hubs, and it happened inside 'a chemical plant' you end up in, but updating my graphic drivers solved THAT particular issue. I'm just wondering if anyone else is just having this problem, is it an engine issue or what? Given the games I can run on this rig, I just blame my hardware. Not yet anyway. Loving the game, it's insane! Let me know what you guys think.