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25th Aug 2011, 16:19
Greetings you cyber monkeys! ;)

First of all i'd like to thank the developers for for the great game they delivered, THEY DELIVERED! Hurray :) I'm a great fan of the deus ex franchise and i played them all till now.

I played a bit of the "demo" on pc and i noticed some issues that seem to be present in retail pc version as some of you reported it on these forums and on steam forums:
-video stuttering sometimes as you turn left or right or when walking/running (even after extensive/complete hdd defrag)
-need sometimes to re-hit a key for the action to execute (like quickload F8, clic twice for "options" to open when you select an item/weapon in the inventory, hit "move" key twice when strafing) feels unresponsive sometimes
-long loading times, yesterday i got 26 seconds, i defraged my hdd with mydefrag and now they are around 36 seconds :(, or maybe is it because that i'm in detroit now? i was usind defraggler before that.
- mouse feels strange, doesnt feel as precise as in other shooters

I have the choice to purchase the game on pc or on ps3, i dont mind playing with a controller, graphics on pc seem a bit crispier.

Does the ps3 version run on 60 or 30 fps?
Is there screen tearing on ps3?
Is there fps drops on ps3?
Are loading times longer on ps3?
How is the aiming on ps3?

Btw my pc is not brand new but i get a steady 59-60 fps everything maxed out most of the time on a 27 inch 1920x1080 display

C2Duo E6600@2.4Ghz, 2Go OCZ Ram, GTX280, 500Go HDD

If you've seen how both the ps3 and pc versions play please respond, if not please respond too ;)

Thanks in advance.