View Full Version : some changes that would add that final level of polish

25th Aug 2011, 14:26
I'm really liking the game; it 'feels' right. Always sad when I go to sleep away from the beautiful game. However there are a few things that just break my immersion, or would just make the game better:

There should be an option for hold-crouch, rather than forcing toggle-crouch.

Load times are a too long, especially when you're only reloading the same level. My vsync is off, and it's on an SSD. Initial load time is fine, considering how much there is to load, but some optimization needs to be done for reloads of the same level.

Needs an option to skip the intro cutscenes; command-line switch or something.

I'd like to be able to download higher-resolution cutscene movies (through steam or something); the lower resolution is jarring.

E is used to open E-books, consoles, keypads, etc. E should be able to be used to exit from them.

Realtime-rendered cutscene camera controls - mouse speed multiplier is way too low for the PC. It breaks immersion when you're used to one multiplier, and then you suddenly need to move the mouse across the entire mousepad just to rotate your head a few degrees onscreen. The controls should remain as they are during the game. (Only noticed in the beginning with Megan)

X/Y acceleration aren't 1:1 by default. Y moves slower than X. Fixable in the game, but a bit annoying. I hear it will be fixed in an upcoming patch?

Option for hold-sprint rather than toggle-sprint?

Walking diagonally moves you faster than walking straight forward or sideways

Bind the cursor to the active display - if you've got multiple monitors (and have maybe alt-tabbed out of the application once), the cursor can go beyond the bounds of the gaming display, which can easily happen during frantic firefights, and if you click, you're brought out of the game. I'm using DisplayFusion to lock my cursor to one display, but it would be nice for the game to do this instead of me.

25th Aug 2011, 16:45
A few other things I noticed that should be 'polished'

1. On the map view the wasd and arrow keys should pan the map. The mouse controls don't work well for me, seems it moves too little for each drag action. And the mouse scroll wheel doesn't zoom fast enough.

2. Shop navigation: Why do I need to use the arrow keys instead of the wasd keys? Is it even possible to change categories with the mouse or must you use the arrow keys. Same as 1 above, please let the wasd keys navigate the shops.

3. It was not initially clear to me that you could hack two or more nodes at the same time. This was only discovered accidentally later. Could have been useful earlier. I didn't think this was covered in the tutorial, but I could be wrong.

Otherwise the best game I have played this year.