View Full Version : Credit to Eidos Montreal

25th Aug 2011, 14:08
Dear devs, i dont know will you see this thread or not, but i honestly want to thank you, this game is what i was waiting for! Very detailed environment, very enteresting script etc. The atmosphere, and surroundings. "I beleive in this world" And enjoying every second in it. I wish you best of luck and good sells of DXHR. You are very talented team.:thumb:

p/s Please make possible switching subtitle language, because Russian translation is very good, but the voice acting is barely poor. And fix tesselation maps, and SSAO please. Oh and also hi res textures, because they maybe look good in 720p on consoles, and they are just magnificent but on 1080P (PC ver) some of them look a bit draft, and spoil all the picture. But this is all small defects. The game averall is excellent.

p/p/s sorry for my bad english.