View Full Version : CTD due to.... dunno (may contain spoilers Detroit)

25th Aug 2011, 13:44
Basically been able to play for a while with no issue, until the point where you get the message to go see zeke, after that point my pc would sometimes crash while going through the grates near the apartments heading from home to work. But only sometimes.....

Now i'm doing the mission to go to dodgy alley to disable the thing thats annoying pritchard. My game will crash everytime at roughly the same point, eg. in the tall building you break a hole in the wall (after getting message from pritchard about the signal) kill the two guys on other side and then walk through and CTD, or down at ground level i take the door and in the first room it crashes (that leads to the garage which had 3 guards with a bent roller-door that you crawl through).

Just hoping that there is a fix for this as i can't go anywhere else, does anyone else have a similar issue?

25th Aug 2011, 17:17
I have the exact same issue. It occurs when attempting to enter the Row from any route, not just that one building.

26th Aug 2011, 00:38
While the save/s seem to have died, i did have a save far enough back that (yet close enough) i have done everything else that i did in the corrupted ones but have not been having those crashes. So maybe the patch fixed the issue or maybe i should just keep in mind to have many different saves.

26th Aug 2011, 17:08
I envy you. I reloaded a save from before entering Jensen's apartment for the first time, and I still crashed when trying to enter the row. This is ridiculous.

30th Aug 2011, 04:04
One week later, and I am still unable to progress. Neither of the patches nor any of the fixes mentioned on this forum have resolved this issue.

30th Aug 2011, 05:12
It's odd,before the patch for my medium spec system with almost everything maxed.I didn't experience any crashes.After the patch though,it's been crashing non stop At or near the basketball court in Detroit.

1st Sep 2011, 00:22
I have a very similar issue, I have just done the Lvl 5 Security garage door in the detroit alleys, now whenever I try to leave those alleys I crash in two exact points on both exit alleys.

However, I was able to go into the other apartment building with the Security level 5 door on the top floor, hack in a loot everything there.

Initially this was a hard crash causing me to C-A-D and force close Deus Ex, with DX11 disabled it now CTD's but it is worth noting I have played the game with no problems up until now.

1st Sep 2011, 01:02
You know, I'm pretty sure I hacked that door, too. I wonder if that's the cause of this?

1st Sep 2011, 09:27
Bumping this as it seems like a really specific error and I can't find anything relating to it anywhere else.

It might be worth adding that I have now done a full reinstall and it only crashes on save files made after hacking (one quick save and one normal save). However the game still detects and loads these saves without a problem and nothing went wrong during saving said files.

Unfortunately for me my previous save is all the way back in the police station (about 4 hours of exploring and side quests back) as I have been using the quicksave feature primarily.