View Full Version : Worked fine for hours last night, now crashes immediately

25th Aug 2011, 07:28
Played for hours yesterday, not a single problem, before and after the hot fix. Made no changes to the computer. Now when I load a save, any save, it loads and crashes as soon as I hit a key or move the mouse. CTD with no error or explanation. I upgraded my video drivers - made no difference.

Windows 7 x64
Geforce 470
SSD drive


25th Aug 2011, 07:35
What happens if you try and start a new game (wont affect your save games, only 1 autosave would be changed)

25th Aug 2011, 07:46
Just tried a new game - and it CTD after a few seconds of input from me...

25th Aug 2011, 07:48
Hm very strange, you said you updated drivers, so you were running slightly older drivers before, when it was working okay?

have you tried verifying the game via steam?

26th Aug 2011, 01:47
The game worked with the older nvidia drivers. It started crashing with the older drivers as well, and that continued with the new drivers.

However, I tried the game again just now and no more CTDs. Noticed the mouse sensitivity improvements, which were most welcome, and discovered that the new update had been implemented on Steam.

So something in that update fixed it maybe, although the notes referred to ATI/AMD and I'm nvidia/intel.

Either that or the CTDs stopped as mysteriously as they started.