View Full Version : Horizontal FOV HELP!!!

25th Aug 2011, 04:24
Where can i find the option for the field of veiw, everything doesnt look right, and I know It has to do with that.

25th Aug 2011, 04:28
Is the depth of field option related to fov?

25th Aug 2011, 06:06
It's under the Gameplay options menu.

25th Aug 2011, 16:26
Yea, it's under the Gameplay section, in options. Oddly enough. It should be in the appropriate section, ideally Display Mode or Adv. Video.

Depth of Field has nothing to do with the Field of View. DOF is the blur effect in the background, when you 'focus' on something immediately in front of you. Much in the same way your eyes in real life do.