View Full Version : Can a controller be used for the PC version?

25th Aug 2011, 01:44
Apologies if this has already been addressed but I couldn't find it on here and I'm having a hard time getting a concrete answer from google. Also I realize a keyboard and mouse is a lot more accurate/better/blah blah blah but I much prefer a controller and I'd rather have this game on PC than PS3.
Thanks in advance for any help!

25th Aug 2011, 01:54
There is full native 360 controller support. :)

The 360 controls aren't listed in the manual for some reason but you can view them in the game's settings. On-screen prompts and so forth also display the 360 controls as you'd expect.

If you want to use a controller other than a 360 controller you'll need to use a wrapper such as x360ce (http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/) which makes other types of controllers be detected as 360 controllers.

25th Aug 2011, 02:23
nice first post arkose :thumb:

25th Aug 2011, 02:46
Thanks mate! Picking it up now.

25th Aug 2011, 06:28
one question... why in hell should i play a 50% shooter with a controller on PC? I play PC because i have mouse and keyboard...