View Full Version : Blue Screen Windows 7 crash on boot and during play

25th Aug 2011, 01:31
i don't see any other posts about Blue Screens (the most awful game crash there is), so i'm posting to see if someone can aid me.

here is what happened:

preloaded from steam... launch the game on the 23rd (before the 1st patch), got into the game and selected Options. Blue Screen reboot.

I tried again, same thing. I gave up, and the next day two things happened... i remembered that i should update my NVidia drivers, and the 1st patch downloaded. I update the drivers, launched the now patched game, and it Blue Screened on launch -- worse.

At that time, Steam got borked by the sudden reboots, and i need to reinstall the whole thing. I also found and renamed the two mentioned ati dlls. Then i was actually able to play the game, until the moment after you get knocked unconscious... BLUE SCREEN.

My system is Windows 7 64 Bit 8Gb ram Core 2 Duo 3.3 ghz. Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 with driver version 280.26.

please help, as i would really like to play this game!


p.s. the blue screen the last time mentioned something about USB.. the previous times it mentioned something about driver irq level.