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24th Aug 2011, 18:37
This is just a quick post so people dont have to go digging in other threads.

This is what worked for me:
Creating a new Windows User account, switching users to that account (or logging out and back in under new Windows account) and running game through steam.

This fixed all my crashing issues and the loading times went from 5 minutes (yes I know retarded) to 30 seconds-ish.

Before I did this I tried:
1. disabling the ati .dll files (system32 and SysWOW64)
2. Didn't have LAN Proxy
3. Updated Video drivers
4. Re-installed
5. Downloaded patch (through steam)
6. Disabled use application settings in Video settings
7. Stopped using DX11
8. Set all video settings on lowest
9. Reduced Resolution.

I know this wont help everyone because of all the issues im reading, but it helped me.
1. I had bad load times (5 minutes+ when it didnt crash...during the load)
2. Audio hang loop (while following pritchard.. i think that was his name)
3. the DRM crash
4. crashing while loading saved game (autosave or manual save)
5. Crashing after cutscenes

I havent seen a crash logged into this new account yet.

24th Aug 2011, 18:47
Glad it helped you.. Thats what the FAQ is there for :)

27th Aug 2011, 09:11
ok there's something i don't get. you said creating another user account fixed your problems. I'm having pretty much the same problem, my game wont run at all on the admin account. yet when i go to the 2nd admin account i created it works fine.. I DON'T GET IT