View Full Version : (xbox 360) Ghosting + foxiest of hounds achievement

24th Aug 2011, 16:36

So here is my problem. I'd like to get the foxiest of hounds achievement on the 360, but I did not see the "ghost" perk pop when I finished the first mission (ie: first attach on sarif industries) right at the start of the game. I think at the time I viewed this part of the game as a "tutorial" section (since it specifically instructed you on how to shoot/gunning/killing tactics) but I'm worried that I've now lost the chance to get the "foxiest of hounds" achievement and that all my hard work ghosting will be for naught at the end of the game. Does anyone know if it is required to ghost the "tutorial" parts at the start of the game to get this achievement to pop?

Of course, if it doesn't pop I suppose I could do a second playthrough on "easy" just to get the achievement, but I'd much rather achieve it the first time through.

Thanks for any help or info. Cheers.