View Full Version : When will AE bonus content be activated for PS3 [UK]?

24th Aug 2011, 06:04
*AE = Augmented Edition

Hiya fellas,

Thanks to an awesome online retailer in UK (not giving name cause I don't want to sound like spambot), I got the game today, 2 days before official release, which is awesome EXCEPT my pre-order bonus codes don't work yet on PSN.

I don't want to start the game without the extras I paid for, so, do you guys or Sony flip the switch on that one? If it's you, please flip it :)
If it's Sony, please call them and tell them to flip it :)


EDIT: Never mind, found a similar thread on the technical forum = http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=1656755