View Full Version : breaking boxes?

24th Aug 2011, 05:20
I want to break boxes but I have no crowbar, or even a wrench.

24th Aug 2011, 05:37
Pick up a box and trow it against a wall.


24th Aug 2011, 05:37
throw them against a wall a few times, but nothing comes out of them like in the original

24th Aug 2011, 05:51
Is it possible to set cardboard boxes alight using fire?

Do boxes degrade from falls as in Deus Ex?

24th Aug 2011, 06:29
For some reason they didn't include any attacks in the game that don't take some kind of ammo. Even punching / stabbing people with a takedown requires a candybar to reload your augmentations... That's one of the design choices in this game I really do not like. The first Deus Ex wasn't even as obsessed with consumables, and that was in the 90s where even potion fests like the first Diablo were still considered to be well designed.