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24th Aug 2011, 00:03
End of the second mission, the one with the hostages, I'm facing down the bad guy and pick the dialogue option to try and free the hostage he's taken. I went through that once, failed to release her and watched him drag her off to get shot by SWAT. Not being down with this, I reloaded an earlier save and tried again, only to not have any more dialogue options when I chose to try and free her again. It just repeated the dialogue options I had picked before. Is this intended so as to force the player to deal with the consequences of their actions or is it a bug?

24th Aug 2011, 03:14
When trying to complete the Motherly Ties mission that involves gaining further information for Megan's mother, I give her the final three bits of intel I found and then it gives no other dialogue options. They're just blank, I can't press ESC to exit the game, or select anything. Incredibly annoying bug, argh! Reloading saves or trying different order or options to this point changes nothing, it always stops before it finishes and effectively ends my game if I try to complete the mission.


24th Aug 2011, 06:52
came here to see if im the only one, and im not. :)

24th Aug 2011, 23:50
Bump and new information. I started a new game, got to the same part, and still couldnt pick any dialogue options. I imagine uninstalling HR and reinstalling it would fix it, but thats not an option with my low quality internet

24th Aug 2011, 23:56
i dont even have the little box option withe the 4 squares in the middle only time it has worked for me is with zeke!!:confused:

24th Aug 2011, 23:58
im running a I7 2.80 12 gigs of ram and a amd 6950 have change all the video settings. when i hit the windows key the dialog choices pop up but as it exits out. other then that it always stays blank!

25th Aug 2011, 01:03
I played the leaked beta, just bought the steam version and I noticed some npc banter is not playing. The Janitors in the beta were having a conversation about Jensen coming back so soon. Now in the Full version that conversation is not triggering.

It's right before the first mission when you are going to meet Sarif at the helipad. The Janitors are downstairs in the area right before the helipad. Was this conversation cut or is there an issue with banter not playing?

Has anyone else noticed issue with Banter?

28th Aug 2011, 18:49
i have not even seen that im just hoping they fix this issue so i can start playing the game again!!!

29th Aug 2011, 01:44
I actually had this happen to me after I spoke to the hostage after convincing Sanders to release her in the first mission (I could still read what should have been said in the subtitles). Hit space (or whatever the XBox 360 version uses to skip dialogue) and it should continue, though I don't know if that'll work if subtitles won't display for you either.