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23rd Aug 2011, 17:01
All of these glitches corncerns the gameplay, I hope that the developers take note of this and include fixes in their next patch if possible. I am playing the PC version of DEHR.

All of these glitches involve me dicking around with the police.

1. While in the police station, I emerged out of a vent and stealth-killed a policeman that was using his computer. A nearby cop became alert and after I waited in the vent for a while, the alert status became normal. The dead policeman was left in his office, corpse on the chair. I feel that the behaviour of the nearby cop who went alert was wrong. Alert status could have been made permanent, till my character leaves the police station completely. Thus after that, the dead body I have mentioned could be removed or something.

2. Police station 2nd floor, armory. So there's only one guard in the armory, I shot him in the head, thereby triggering an station-wide alert. Went into the armory, and hid in the vents there. Waited for alert level to die down. Shouldn't this be a major alert or something, where every police officer bursts into the armory to secure the area? not ONE officer entered the armory. It broke immersion.

3. Area behind police station. There is a tall fence that can be crossed with the help of the two rubbish crates beside it. After I went over the fence, apparently the area I placed the crate at conflicted with the patrol path of a policeman. Policeman bumped into the crates, received damage, became hostile to me, therefore cancelling out one of the side missions. Was forced to reload a earlier savegame.

Well thanks for reading through, these are the glitches that I've found. Great game so far. =)

23rd Aug 2011, 17:55
the Loss of Alert status isn't really a bug - if your in a mission/combat zone. If you go out of the area and come back they might be in 'Suspicious' state which is still lower than Alert. Alert status is where they have/had detected you and are searching for you. Wasn't really consistent whether they would drop to suspicious or normal in the preview build - seemed to be more of difference of whether the NPC was in a non-combat area (social interaction area NPC's wouldn't go back to Friendly[green] but suspicious instead) and in combat areas [missions] they would drop to normal[grey] apparently since they were technically hostile/not-friendly.

The last glitch you reported may actually be a glitch. Don't think a pathing problem should cause a trap reaction/response due to clutter interaction.