View Full Version : VR Missions anyone?

23rd Aug 2011, 16:09
Anyone else think adding a VR missions style like the old Metal gears would be a great idea?

23rd Aug 2011, 16:15
NO! I hate MGS and don't want it tainting this great game!

23rd Aug 2011, 18:29
This really isn't Metal Gear Solid. It's Deus Ex.

And for the record, there was a Training Level in the first Deus Ex, which was quite fun. I'm not sure if they have something similar in HR, though.

9th Sep 2011, 00:30
A VR (Challenge) game mode would make DX:HR more enjoyable. It would help the replayability aspect as I'm finding it difficult to do a second play through after completing the game on 'Give me Deus Ex' non-lethal, stealth run.

It won't be difficult to make. The developers can recycle ingame maps and make them more challenging for whatever game mode it's testing, whether combat or stealth.
If its too much work for them, they could just release the dev tools (or a sort of construction kit, idk) and let fans make the levels themselves that can be shared and played by one another.
The challenge missions would have set augs and weapons, specified for the type of encounter the player is thrown into.
It won't conflict with any of the story as it's standalone stages with no relation to the story whatsoever.

If a challenge mode was ever considered, my only hope is that the developers wouldn't make it DLC. It should more of a 'thanks for supporting us' gift rather than a 'show me how much you like DX:HR' move.

I really enjoyed this game but want it challenge me further. The story was good, however, the gameplay was its best feature imo. Being thrown into a alarmed/hostile situation and sneaking out of it was a lot of fun while it lasted. If only there was more...