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23rd Aug 2011, 14:08
DX:HR Technical Forum is up!

Dear DX:HR forum members,

We've created a new forum in this DX:HR section for technical issues only.

If you're experiencing problems with your game, this is the place to be.


This thread is a summary of technical questions and answers regarding all platforms.
It remains closed. Hopefully it will have the answer you are looking for.

If not and you wish to discuss an issue, please take a minute to first search if a relevant thread already exists for your query and if so, post in there, so that our oh-so-busy moderator team won't have to keep merging duplicate threads on the same subject.

If none on your subject exists yet, feel free to start a new thread about it.

And lastly, please keep in mind that is mainly a user-to-user forum and while the official Square Support Team may frequent here, the Eidos forum is not an official channel for Technical Support.

Please follow this link (http://support.eu.square-enix.com/) for the official support pages.


The forum staff.


Summary of Q&As:

I have the North American PS3 Augmented edition but i cannot play the soundtrack as i do not have access to a bluray drive on my pc


Update Drivers

I would like to remind everyone to ensure they are using the latest drivers for their graphics hardware. We are monitoring crashes and are seeing a lot that appear to be caused by outdated drivers.

So everyone please verify your driver is up to date.

For AMD/ATI you can get your latest driver here:


For NVidia you can get your latest driver here:


As an application we can try to do many things to work-around older drivers, and will continue to do so in any future patches, but what you can do yourself to fix such issues is to simply get the latest driver.

Cannot stress this enough, UPDATE your drivers. Graphics card drivers are released very regularly. Steam has a `update video driver` option in the Steam menu. Use it regularly.. Please :)

Launch/Game Crashes

Bought Deus Ex HR at weekend and each time I try to launch it crashes and completely locks my computer so I have to manually reset. (Which isn't healthy!)
I've updated all my drivers and tried the dll to bak fix.
Still kills my comp. I've posted my dxdiag, any help would be appreciated! :)

Hi Doyaldinho,
This sounds quite a bit like a known problem with many motherboards used with AMD FX chips.
You may want to try the fix mentioned in this link:


Please let us all know how this works for you!


An issue was found that caused some users to be unable to start the game on specific machines. Specifically, the presence of older ATI/AMD drivers, also on machines with NVidia hardware, would cause the game to crash on startup. This patch is a hot-fix for that particular issue. On top of this, it also increases the number of save-slots from 20, like on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, to 99.

Square-Enix, Eidos Montreal and Nixxes are committed to supporting this title and will continue to monitor for any further issues and provide additional patches in the future if required.

We hope this will help you enjoy Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

Restart your client to get the update.

This is just a quick post so people don't have to go digging in other threads.

This is what worked for me:
Creating a new Windows User account, switching users to that account (or logging out and back in under new Windows account) and running game through steam.

This fixed all my crashing issues and the loading times went from 5 minutes (yes I know retarded) to 30 seconds-ish.

Before I did this I tried:
1. disabling the ati .dll files (system32 and SysWOW64)
2. Didn't have LAN Proxy
3. Updated Video drivers
4. Re-installed
5. Downloaded patch (through steam)
6. Disabled use application settings in Video settings
7. Stopped using DX11
8. Set all video settings on lowest
9. Reduced Resolution.

I know this wont help everyone because of all the issues im reading, but it helped me.
1. I had bad load times (5 minutes+ when it didnt crash...during the load)
2. Audio hang loop (while following pritchard.. i think that was his name)
3. the DRM crash
4. crashing while loading saved game (autosave or manual save)
5. Crashing after cutscenes

I haven't seen a crash logged into this new account yet.

Try running the game as administrator. That worked for this person:

Q: I had preloaded the game the day before, and have verified the game cache multiple times, and still i get this whenever I click on Play after getting the option to Play or Set Up Deus Ex. What could be the cause? And it's not the atiadlxy.dll thats the problem, because I have an ATI graphics card.
I mean, I'm attempting to re-install the game now, but if it still doesn't work...

A: We're currently trying to find out the cause of this...

Have you tried exiting fully out of Steam, browsing to the app folder and running the exe there, see what msg it gives then.

Users experiencing a crash on launch relating to a ATI dll file.. for nVidia users this seems related to a file in the system32 or syswow (syswow64) folder under the Windows folder (depending if 32bit or 64bit). For a temporary workaround, Locate the atiadlxy.dll and atiadlxx.dll file in the folder and rename to atiadlxy.bak / atiadlxx.bak. This should allow users to start the game

Users running 3rd party proxy software may experience a crash in game, try disabling the proxy option within Internet Explorer and see if it helps.

Q: I'm running it on windows 7 x64 with 8 gigs of ram, an intel duo-core processor, and an NVidia GeForce GTS 450, if that makes a difference.

A: have you tried the ati dll fix?
Have you done a check in all the folders.. \system32\ \syswow64\ etc.. its a sneaky blighter windows having so many places for files..
Have you checked your system/maintenance area of control panel to see if its recording more information of what is actually crashing?
Run eventvwr.msc

Q: After downloading I don't get any Ati dll error, it just won't launch...

A: Have you tried restarting Steam? Just had an issue their relating to needing Steam updated... You could also verify the game cache files via Steam for DX:HR too, which can help on some random launch issues.

Q: I get to the loading screen after clicking on difficulty level and it freezes and crashes.
All drivers are updated including motherboard.
I run on Steam and I was prompted to defrag at the same time as Steam was trying to unlock the files. I wonder if that had something to do with it?

A: Do you have any anti-virus or other security software running? It's possible something like this could be interfering with the files. You could try disabling them and see if it makes any difference.
Rather than reinstalling the entire game, run the verify game cache tool in steam which should find any erroneous files and redownload them for you.

If still struggling, try creating a new `user` account within Windows, make sure it is an admin enabled account. Steam's user information is not dependant on the user name from Windows, so on a new user you still login with the same Steam account, but your system hasnt got any of the other programs running. Its worth a try, surprising how many programs run when you dont realise.

DLC Information.

Q: I have the preorder dlc, and i've activated it but i do not see it in game, where is it?

A: The `Explosive mission` Pack adds an extra mission within the game itself. It is available to players when they reach a certain part of the game. The `Tactical enhancement` pack becomes available when users go on the first mission.


There are no cheats in the game...

Only AMD HD3D is supported currently.

PC Command Line
PC has some `command line`things people will find :)

The game uses Steamcloud so all your saves are stored locally and synced up to the cloud when you exit out.
If you log into your account on another PC you get your saves immediately...

PC has 99 save slots. ...



Game Laggy / Lagging or Low Performance
As with most game fixes, some that you may have used before may in fact help fix the problem you’re experiencing with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you have any sort of lag of stuttering, then try these solutions.

– If you have NVIDIA 3D Vision installed, then remove the driver as it commonly causes lag and performance drops!
– Using NVIDIA Control Panel for NVIDIA graphics card or ATI Catalyst Center for ATI video cards, you can dramatically increase or even fix some problems you’re experiencing. Firstly, try experimenting with VSYNC — turn V-SYNC ON if it is disabled and then try running the game. If you already have it forced on, then also try disabling it. Depending on the issue, having it enabled instead of disabled or vice-versa may be a better idea than the other. It can help bypass a frames per second / FPS limit or cap and sometimes even helps if you are experiencing blur. VSYNC can effect the refresh rate.
– Another option is to enable Triple Buffering through your GFX Card Control Panel. A program like D3DOverrider can help you enable VSYNC and Triple Buffering for NVIDIA cards.
– Lower the graphics settings, resolution, antialiasing (AA), and other effects
– Upgrade your video card drivers (they generally offer bug fixes and performance increases)

So for the exact steps to enable VSYNC, Anti-Aliasing, and Anisotropic Filtering for NVIDIA cards try:
1) Load the NVIDIA Control Panel (can be accessed in system tray generally or Control Panel)
2) Click “Performance & Quality Settings” -> “Add Profile” -> enter Deus Ex: Human Revolution
3) Click “Browse” -> select the Deus Ex exe -> check the checkbox that’s next to it in the associated application list
4) Under “Application” be sure to select the entry you just added and uncheck “Application-controlled”

For ATI video cards, just Load ATI Catalyst Control Panel and expand the 3D menu. Easy!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Black Screen / Crash to Desktop (C2D / CTD) / Crashes Randomly When Playing
A common problem users experience is crashing to the desktop or getting a black screen. Try the following fixes to troubleshoot this away:
– Run the game directly instead of a launch via the generated desktop shortcut or launching it through Steam
– Change your resolution to something smaller and more common
– Exit or disable anything that may interfere with the game (antivirus, firewall, etc)
– Revalidate your game cache through Steam to make sure the game isn’t corrupted
– Update your drivers or, when available, patch your Deus Ex: Human Revolution game when you can
– You can also try running the game in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode by right clicking the EXE file -> Properties and selecting so in there
– Disabling DirectX 11 mode seems to be helping a lot of people!
– Locate atidlxx.dll (32 bit Windows) or atidlxy.dll (64-bit Windows) in C:\\windows\\system32 and disable them (i.e. rename the .dll part to .dllbak) then try running the game
– LOWER your graphics settings! Such as texture filtering, Anisotropic, Shadows, DOF SSAO, Resolution, etc.
– Change the AntiAliasing option to EDGE AA

It is not uncommon to crash during the introduction or CG / Cinematic scenes. Some crash when selecting “New Game”. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) can prevent the game from running ot cause crashes sometimes too. For DEP issues (or disabling DEP), check below.
– Make sure to install the game into PROGRAM FILES instead of somewhere different to ensure compatibility
– Run the game DIRECTLY instead of via shortcut or launching through Steam (may avoid fail to launch / launch failure too)
– Run dxhr.exe as ADMIN OR add the exe to the exceptions list through Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Performance
– This worked for me: I would get a black screen after the opening credits / cinematics / cut-scenes (i.e. during the opening surgery). The menu still worked in this case and was viewable via “Escape / Esc”. For your video settings, switch from Trilinear to Bilinear. It should now work.

No Game Sound or Audio
Talk about a common problem people experience! To fix the music and sound, you can try disabling Hardware Acceleration and also try to reduce the Sample Rate Conversion Quality to fix this:

1) Load the Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices
2) In the Volume tab, click the “Advanced” button under “Speaker settings”, then click the “Performance” tab
3) Move the slider from “Full” and “Best” to “None” and “Good”. Now click “OK”

Try doing these one at a time rather than just lowering them both as you may not need to lower / disable both.

Another method is to use the infamous DXDIAG:

1) Go to Start -> Run — type in “dxdiag”
2) Click the “Sound” tab and under “DirectX Features” move the slider over from “Full Acceleration” to “no acceleration” to disable the setting for DirectSound

Steam Stuck Decrypting Game / Downloading Game / Game is Stuck on Preload / Locked
For this game, it’s common to be stuck at 64% or 65%. Occasionally, you may hang at 0% of 100% even though (honestly, just be patient and give it a long time to finish). Some other related errors are…
“The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes.” Steam Error
“Your Connection to the Host has been Lost” or Steam Keeps Disconnecting Game Error
So these errors generally occur often after a game that is popular is released. The servers are often serving loads of files at once and it causes all sorts of errors. Sometimes the game will download, but then will either freeze or get stuck at a certain percentage when being decrypted. The options for dealing with this are not too pleasant.
– Wait until the servers are less hammered (or try downloading from a different server location)
– Delete the game from the Steam folder and then redownload it (if it happens to freeze or the cache validation fails)
– Sometimes the game will seem to freeze during a certain part of the decrypting process, but if left alone for a very long time, it will continue and complete the job
– If stuck on preload (aka the game is locked), then it’s probably because the game believes the timezone is different for your and the release hasn’t occurred it.
– Re-open Steam and start again
– Try installing from a CD (if you have a copy) instead of downloading from Steam
– Some people recommending defragging your computer before you get the game in an attempt to counter slow decryption

Weird, slow, Jumpy or sluggish mouse?
Usually people have the problem of the mouse feeling sluggish or having odd mouse acceleration. Try these out:
– Turn mouse sensitivity up or down (depending on issue)
– Turn off tesselation (reportedly helps many)
– Turn off VSYNC (reportedly helps many)
– Raise DPI of your mouse if you can
– Turn FoV (Field of Vision) to 90 if using a 16:9 aspect ratio OR turn it to 80 if using a 16:10 aspect ratio

Fuzzy Graphics
This tip is for people with fuzziness / blurry graphics for those with DirectX 11 enabled. Turns out Stereoscopic 3D is enabled even though “redded” out, yet it can still be adjusted via the slider.
1) Go to Start > Run > type “regedit” (without quotes), press enter
2) Follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Eidos > Deus Ex: HR > Graphics
3) Find “StereoMode” file on right. Double-click it and change Value data to “0″ (without quotes).

Yellow Flickering

I've been experiencing an odd flickering that makes the game very hard to play.

I've never had an issue in any other games, but after several reinstalls, doing clean installation of my drivers and making sure my GPU and CPU aren't overheating the problem persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm currently running:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
AMD Phenom II X4, 3300 Mhz Quadcore
Geforce GTX 460 SE, 1024MB GDDR5


This looks like either a video driver issue or a malfunctioning card. Are you sure you have the latest drivers from NVidia? You could try the just released beta drivers.



Preventing microstutters and sound lag in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Some players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, including myself, have fallen victim to a variety of game issues. Some of the more annoying issues include a tendancy to stutter, albiet only for a brief amount of time.

The other issue is sound lag, where shooting makes the sound play out seconds after the animation itself has completed.

This video shows potential fixes for both problems.


2nd Mar 2012, 09:41
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