View Full Version : [Major AI Bug]Progress Bleeds into Saved Games

23rd Aug 2011, 13:23
Spoiler warning may contain info you might not wanna read...

So I've been playing for the last few hours, and I explored all over and was sneaking around D-Row, the thugs around there were like "YO HOMIE YOU DONT WANNA BE ROUND HERE" and opened fire on me, so I defended myself, and since there was 8 of them and 1 of me, got put down really fast. It auto-saved me at a previous sewer entrance, and all of a sudden all of the cops are hostile with me when I come up out of the sewer, and they weren't before so because when the autosave occured, I literally hadn't killed anyone in the game yet, so I cannot do anything with that save, I was just letting Autosave carry me, so now my last save is CLEAR back in the first mission in the Factory.