View Full Version : MISC. All TDM lobbies are broken?

23rd Apr 2014, 10:06
I've tried an NA lobby four times, and an EU lobby once. Everyone gets kicked back to the game mode select screen when the game start countdown ends. I know it's affecting everyone in the lobby because I've confirmed with several, and the others are reappearing when I rejoin.

It's happened at least twice in NA 268287. I haven't tried any Siege games yet.

Hmm ... maybe not all of them. I just got into a game on NA 268335.

23rd Apr 2014, 10:22
Maybe that's because of the patch?

By the way. Deceiver! I cannot unlock him though, there's some error about "invalid class".


Ah, nevermind. There are no deceiver skills in the store. Only class description in Armory tab.