View Full Version : Are the old TR classics still manufactured?

23rd Aug 2011, 03:54
We all know that Tomb Raider I II III and the earlier games are starting to reach their years as antiques. heh. Maybe not THAT old yet, but It's got me wondering.. do companies still manufacture older games to play? My Tomb Raider I and II game discs gave out this Summer :(. I literally wore them slap out after a decade and a half of use :P. Would like to buy some working ones again, but wouldn't mind buying ones that are QUITE mint in condition =]

23rd Aug 2011, 07:19
Don't quote me but...

I'd be surprised if they were still being manufactured (in terms of how games now will be being manufactured), although that's not to say you can't get a brand new copy, it's just that you'll probably be asked to pay up quite a large amount of money (at least for me, especially where a game is concerned). But having said that, I bought the original game for a couple of quid a few months ago now and the disc was perfect, so I guess it's down to who you buy off really.

So I'm sure if you head on over to either Amazon or ebay, they'd have someone selling practically brand new versions. For example:

Like I said don't quote me and I hope I proved to be a bit of use.;)

23rd Aug 2011, 08:43
Yep, i got TR1 from a charity shop a week ago and the case is a bit scratched but the disc is absolutely fine. There's no problems with it at all. I suppose if you get it in brand new condition, the owner might have just had it in storage and only played it once... but as Ants said, amazon or ebay are always the best place to go look.

23rd Aug 2011, 09:48
I don't think any PS1 games are being made in a physical disc format anymore. The way of the world is digital now, so I'm assuming the only way to get the PS1 versions would be their online shop. PC format, I don't know. Not a PC gamer, so I don't keep up on that.

However, there are still plenty of actual physical copies of the PS1 versions floating around. I got TR 1-4 for $20 (for all 4, not 20 each) from a used game shop, then found "Chronicles" there a week later for $2.50. No scratches on the discs, manuals all intact. The cool thing about games being "old & dated" is that to some, they become useless and therefore easy to part with, which is great for people who see the real value in them.

I'm sure there are old copies that are still sealed up in original plastic wrap on E-Bay, but yeah, I'd bet they cost a pretty penny. And who buys a game then says: "Know what? I've lost interest. Think I won't even open this thing up. To the storage box with you!"? Always amazes me how older games can be found still wrapped up. I've even seen quite a few Sega Genesis games still in plastic wrapping. Crazy.

25th Aug 2011, 12:18
I think quite recently they made a new compilation pack of the first 4 games and most of the Core games are on PSN. Other than that try second hand shops or ebay and you can probably get them cheeply

25th Aug 2011, 22:07
Y'all the best! I nearly panicked when I saw that they both stopped working! :P.