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22nd Aug 2011, 16:51
Interview conducted by writer Ryan DeJonghe about Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its release and pre-order special for OnLive.

In anticipation for what could be the Game of the Year, OnLiveFans had the opportunity to interview the makers of, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It has been over ten years since the first Deus Ex was released, and it delighted gamers across the globe. Tonight, at midnight, OnLive will instantly allow anxiously awaiting gamers the chance to try out the latest franchised release.

Answering our questions were Frank Lapikas, Sr. Game Designer and Julien Bouvrais, Director of Technology at Eidos Montreal.

Entire interview at: http://onlivefans.com/news/deus-ex-human-revolution-interview-with-eidos-montreal-game-releases-tonight-for-onlive/2239/

23rd Aug 2011, 07:31
Thanks for that! :)