View Full Version : Takedowns

22nd Aug 2011, 09:54
Like in Arkham Asylum I quite liked the cover take down idea that were fast and efficient. I really hope that I will see something similar in Absolution, cause it can really spice up the way you play, specially if you screw up and others are looking for you, but you don't want to go ballistic with ton of ammo.

Also would you think that it would be a good idea for 47 to take humans like a human shield with all kinds of weapons or even with bare hands. For example you could take down a guard without killing him or using the sleep syringe(or when you're out of sleep syringe). But why use then syringe you say ? Hand take downs could show more resistance while in human shield mode, the take down would be longer(because make them unconscious takes more time while pressing nerve points, or running out out of air while strangling them).

But if you use knife,gun or ect. weapon in human shield mode why not make that you can disarm other guard by taking their weapons, key cards, ect. and knock them down, not killing them so that the clothes don't get bloody which could attract some attention.

Also so that the take downs by hand would be more resistant and longer why not making and environmental take down (for example in human shield mode you get near a wall and then knock his head to the wall fast) it could be more louder, would make a blood spot on the wall to generate more attention and so on.