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20th Aug 2011, 01:23
Deus Ex reminds me of William Gibson's (Burning Chrome) cyberpunk world of the dark future were corporations rule with so much power and corruption this were information hacker gain the knowledge. This were hired guns run the street with cybernetic weapons, Streetwise "Fixers" sell information for a profit. Information hackers use cyberspace to hack the "Islands of the Net" to wage this battle. Corporations rule with world with power and absolution "information is power." Deus Ex reminds me of this world of movies like Bladerunner and Johnny Mnemonic.

20th Aug 2011, 01:41

20th Aug 2011, 08:45
Well, William Gibson is one of the Cyberpunk pioneers and the Neuromancer trilogy one of its defining works. Deus Ex 1 is Cyberpunk too, so no wonder you can see Gibson's influence in many things. DXHR is "Cyber Renaissance" ... Oldie but goldie (and brown), as they say in Germany.