View Full Version : Deadly Shadows - Won't Save on XBox 360

19th Aug 2011, 23:07

Playing Deadly Shadows on XBox 360 and it's been working great. I played this game all the way thru on my original XBox as well. Anyway, everything was working fine until I hit the Keeper Compound mission.

Now I can't seem to Save the game. Doesn't matter whether I Create New Save or Save over an existing game. In fact, when I do save over an existing game, that Saved game then disappears.

I suspect it's something to do with the XBox 360 using profiles and the original XBox not...i.e. the games are saving under a different profile. But how can I disable that on XBox 360? Not sure what else it could be?

Any ideas?



19th Aug 2011, 23:14
Repeat after me... Our Father who art in Heaven... :D