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7th Jan 2014, 08:46
New HD remixed music
Graphics of places

3d models still using 2 different models in game... battle model/cutscene model very odd
cant skip cutscenes

Bonus audio drama:
Pros: SIN
finally looks like no more YRP charlie angels bull****
tidus back to blitzsball
finally yuna back to older herself (yevon believer)

Cons:Auron have a daughter? Chuami,
Kurgum,maybe its gonna be too easily predicted game
my predict
kurgum wanted back sin too be with yuna, later yuna learn about this and in the end kurgum will be the last boss/or similar like Seymour was and in the end yuna and tidus back together again,The entire world gonna change when they defeated sin.Chuami find auron and she is auron daughter Happy Ending.

Well i just hope this is never gonna happen i hope Square Enix not gonna RUIN auron too and make some romantic drama and call-it FFX-3. i hope Square Enix learn something about lightning return failure, i just hate easily predicted games JUST LIKE LIGHTNING RETURNS WAS :mad::mad:. for me a little forced plot i mean Auron have a daughter? like some anime ova c'mon Square enix you can do better than this.

So if AURON have a daughter Chuami,then why there is nothing evidence in FFx? or FFX-2?
she was already 13-15 year old in FFX? but she don'T existed at all!!!
IN FFX-2 chumami don'T existed at all!!!

hmmmm i have a feeling Square Enix just ruin something again

in Square enix studio: HEY GUYS create a FFX-3 give Auron a daughter,Create a big romance disturbance,deads come back from farplane!! call-it ffx-3 good old AURON made by squaresoft the best,badass character ruined by square enix so far by this audiodrama.

The good things maybe is gonna be in the plot is SIN come back and the aeons,old yuna lke in ffx was, no more YRP ffx-2 bull****s these are good things to start.

Here's my advice
Make new game IP-s, or new FF titles for NEXT-gen console PS4 or XBOX, Agnis Philosophy could be a great new IP or FF title, and do NOT make FF sequel.

22nd Apr 2014, 22:50
Like seriously, they better not start a new plot like that and then just leave us hanging..... If they don't want to release FFX-3, they could at least continue the audio drama...please????