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18th Aug 2011, 16:16
Okay I bought the game 2 days ago. I played it for 2 hours yesterday and today the screen goes blue and says "NOT SUPPORT!" I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice now. Please help. It is not a video card or ram issue.

Frag Maniac
18th Aug 2011, 20:28
What system spec are you playing it on and what is the entire error message? I'm sure it must say something other than just "not support".

Can you manage to run the in game benchmark and/or play the game in safe mode?

18th Aug 2011, 20:43
med quality and no it just says "NOT SUPPORT!" I tried in safe mode it won't let me either.

Frag Maniac
19th Aug 2011, 15:39
med quality....I was asking about actual hardware used, not settings.

22nd Aug 2011, 04:01

22nd Aug 2011, 04:02
So when I do a screen shot it shows the Just Cause 2 screen but on my moniter it shows not support. but I've played it for 3 hours.

22nd Aug 2011, 06:21
Well that's odd.

I don't suppose you have access to another monitor? Something might be up with the drivers for your monitor - or perhaps the game is trying to start up at a resolution that is higher than that supported by your monitor?

Maybe even a refresh rate issue?

Anyone else got any other suggestions? This seems like a monitor specific issue to me, the 'Not Support!' thing is similar to what some monitors say when they have no input, or signal, etc. In this case, it's receiving a signal that it doesn't support. (Which is very strange, given you've already played it).

Did you perhaps try to change the resolution of the game, or adjust anything like that?

Could it have anything to do with v-sync?

Anyone else got any ideas? I'm just running through a whole range of things here... :)

Frag Maniac
22nd Aug 2011, 06:48
That info you took a screenshot of is useless, it doesn't show your GPU.

Click Start, right click Computer, click Manage\Device Manager\Display Adapter.

Take a screenshot showing your Display Adapter.

My searching tells me that is a mere Slimline desktop model of HP that can have anything from integrated graphics to a GT 220. Even the GT 220 is a pretty weak GPU for a game like this.


Must select one of the following options:

Integrated Graphics (Intel GMA X4500 HD)
GeForce G210
Radeon HD4350
GeForce GT220"

Source: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c01911675&lang=en&cc=us&taskId=135&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=3999463&prodTypeId=12454

22nd Aug 2011, 07:44