View Full Version : PAX Prime, Seattle, WA - August 26/28th 2011

18th Aug 2011, 06:11
Who's all going?

18th Aug 2011, 07:52
If I could, I certainly would.

For those who are attending, have fun! :wave:

18th Aug 2011, 08:14
IIRC, I've got something else planned that weekend....now what might that be....? :scratch:

18th Aug 2011, 08:53
I'm pretty much local, but I'm going on a whirlwind tour of Detroit, Hengsha, and Montreal that week. ;)

18th Aug 2011, 09:23
Hey, I am doing the same. Maybe I'll see you on my travels :)

18th Aug 2011, 16:03
I actually live in Port Orchard, Washington. Seattle is only about an hour from me by ferry or car. Where would I look into buying tickets for this? Also, the date definitely conflicts with my schedule of becoming a hermit immediately after picking up my copy at the midnight release. It's nice to see the pre-orders were high enough to grab a midnight launch, that's for sure.