View Full Version : Drop your weapon mode??

17th Aug 2011, 23:29
I have always thought of it. In the game there isn't such mode. I mean When hitman enters a room that has a group of enemies/ only one enemy there should be like "drop your weapons and get down on your knees". No one will take their gun from holsters when a man with a gun in his hand enters a room.

That is a vital property. Only because of this problem in the current games, we/I need to kill people or make noise while killing them :). Not having this feature in the game makes it less realistic.

I hope there is such feature in the absolution or What do you think? Should Eidos put it?

17th Aug 2011, 23:36
I think I heard something or read something about this that in absolution the npc's will try to arrest 47, but im not sure.

No one will take their gun from holsters when a man with a gun in his hand enters a room.
They will draw their gun but they won't open fire on you.

22nd Aug 2011, 20:48
yeah i hated that they just shot on sight. if you were a cop who saw a man picking a lock, would you open fire or arrest? in the white house level if you put your silverballer in the smoking ladies suitcase she gets it taken away and then goes for questioning. if you do you get shot. terrible

6th Sep 2011, 22:33
I think I couldn't explain the issue. What I mean is hitman should be able to say "Drop your weapon/ on your knees" to the guy he faces no matter the guy is armed or not. Of course hitman should do that if he is holding a gun

Not to be told "Drop your Weapon"

7th Sep 2011, 02:03
It's a good idea. But wouldn't that just butcher your score, now that you have all these witnesses? I did hear that the police will try to arrest you. It would be nicer to see AI, whether they're police or security, try to arrest you and actually try to take you down. Then you can actually have a bit of a fight instead of them just shooting at you right away, or 47 just taking them out with a head butt. Never in the series as far as I know, will the AI actually defend themselves by trying to submit you or something. 47 may be an assassin, but it's not like a cop would be completely untrained to defend themselves in hand to hand combat. I think that would be a really cool feature to Absolution.

15th Sep 2011, 19:19
Nonexistence of this feature is making the game less realistic. This one should be one of the most important issue that makes a game realistic.

I was always proud of the AI and hitman's abilities (Taking gun from an armed person, strangle the victim from top of an elevator, taking someone as a shield etc.. ).

I hope the developers/officers see this and implement this hoping that it is not too late.

17th Sep 2011, 15:10
Worst. Assassin. Ever. If you did that. Seriously, your role as an assassin, is to never be discovered, kill your target, and vanish like dust in the wind long before the body is discovered.

I think a more appropriate version of what your asking would be to walk right up to a unaware guard, and then have a 'hostage' prompt where you would then stick a gun in thier back and march them to a location to dispatch them in. You would probably have to have K.O. or Kill options in this, but that is alot more discreet than walking in to a reception area and basically shouting 'YU-HOOO!! HIII I'M AN ASSASSIN COULD EVERYONE PLEASE PUT THEIR GUNS ON THE GROUND PLZ, THANK YOU!'