View Full Version : New gameplay from Gamespot Livestream!

13th Aug 2011, 00:24
Here guys, watch it if you want^^


Only watched some small parts ( dont want to spoil myself ) but it looks really awesome. Cant wait <3

13th Aug 2011, 00:35
It's interesting how often the player was running out of power, even though he had an energy upgrade. This is one of my concerns. They made takedowns take a lot of energy because they're so overpowered, and that cripples the effectiveness of all other augs that require energy too.

13th Aug 2011, 00:41

13th Aug 2011, 00:44

13th Aug 2011, 00:48
"The constant hints to press this button or hold thatone are plain silly. If something similar were to be in the PC version (and NOT optional) i'd tear my hair out !" from one of the comments

They can be turned off, ofc, but they should be more careful doing these vids and turn those things off; it might turn off less informed people from the game, and for stupid and unecessary reasons.