View Full Version : Screen Size Setup for Xbox 360?

11th Aug 2011, 22:11
I am hoping for an options/setup feature in DX:HR on the Xbox 360 that will allow the player to specify his screen size and adjust the edges and borders of visibility, like in Modern Warfare 2 or Medal of Honor.

Why? Because of people like me that own older, smaller or different-than-usual TVs in the 4:3 format.

As I have already stated in another thread, I own an older Plasma TV that, despite its packaging claim, is not really "HD-Ready". It features a resolution of 1024x768, which is slimmer than regular 720p, but higher. Apparently this resolution is called XGA (Yay for the useless bit of information).
After I recently connected my new PC with the Windows 7 Media Center to my Xbox 360, the XGA resolution suddenly appeared as an option in my console's HDTV settings. And since it is the TV's inherent resolution, the picture quality is the best yet, and it does show the whole picture, as opposed to 720p (which cuts off some pixels at both sides - 128 pixels on each, to be exact, since 720p is 1280x720).

Now, some games apparently don't care at all about that change and still display in fullscreen, albeit a better picture than my former 720p (like Prototype or Army of Two 40th Day or the new Madden 12 demo).
Other games show a scaled 720p picture, meaning I have a better picture quality, but also less picture as the wider 720p picture is displayed completely, but with black bars on top and bottom (Bulletstorm, for example).
And then there's games like Darksiders, which features black bars during the cutscenes and menu, and mashes up the picture during gameplay on the left side while on the right are colorful video artifacts.

A lot of people will not have any problems with that, especially if they own a real HD-Ready or Full HD TV. Some people might not even be aware of the fact that their chosen resolution cuts off part of the picture. I once played Two Worlds II on a friend's console on a similar 4:3 LCD TV. The console was set to 720p, but since that was wider than the screen was, parts of the HUD were not visible / cut off at the sides of the screen (the by now well known 128 pixels of picture were missing on either side). The game was pretty much unplayable, until we found an option to "Put HUD into Safe Zone", which moved the HUD elements to places that were well within the screen.

I am aware that a change in format and/or resolution might require some up- or down-scaling processes to be performed, and that some game engines probably are not malleable enough to accommodate a sudden change, but I would hope that the developers here are aware of the danger to game enjoyment a cut-off picture can pose, and would see something like an "Adjust Screen Size" option implemented, if not already, then maybe by way of an update...