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9th Aug 2011, 16:17
Hey guys, been a while since I've been on these forums. Anyway, just wanted to run a theory of mine by you. I intially posted this on the AC forums, but I really hate how things are going on over there now. A fair warning: this theory does contain spoilers to some of the prequel comics, but obviously nothing from the actual game. Let me know what you think, thanks!

Now that Strange is in complete control of Arkham City, has his own army of TYGER Guards, and has political control and power through his pawn, Sharp, the next step would be to enlist or even control some of Batman's enemies to further test him, destroy him, and replace him to become "immortal"(AC comic #4). Indeed all the pieces are in place on Hugo's makeshift chessboard and things are looking very good for him and like hell for everyone else, especially Batman.

The question is who will be the villains he wants under his control? The answer is all the major players in AC who are in control of their own gangs so that Strange can pit them against each other and further aid in his plans to create as much havoc for Batman as possible. He is manipulating Two-Face, Penguin, and Catwoman through various means and has developed a rivalry with Riddler since he has as many resources as Strange with surveillance. In Catwoman's case, she is being blackmailed for information by Strange by holding Holly Robinson hostage and literally at gun point. Two-Face may be manipulated somehow by Strange when he took away his coin and Penguin may have just been bribed or simply hypnotized.

All of this everyone probably at least considered, but now lets look at the mother of all evil and sadism, The Joker. Joker and Strange are working together, but lets get into the minds of these two villains so we know just what nature this partnership could really entail. Hugo Strange is a mastermind of genius intellect who prefers to completely control his pawns so that his plans unfold exactly as he envisioned. I doubt he would take the risk of working with someone as psychotic and unpredictable and devilishly intelligent as Joker unless he "thinks" (keyword here is thinks) that Joker is under his control. We know Hugo has learned a hypnosis technique to control people such as Sharp and is disguising it as a medical practice; his patients are his pawns; he's just making sure his patients are in power or can suit his plans.

Joker is now a patient of his and Strange has agreed to help make Joker's last few days more comfortable, maby even cure him, as long as Joker allows Strange to study him. I think Strange intends to hypnotist Joker and use him as a pawn. Whoa, lets look at that thought: Joker controlled? If there is one thing I've learned about the Joker through the comics, movies, shows, and video games, it's this: Joker cannot be controlled and is always one step ahead of everyone. Strange will try to manipulate Joker and will think (again, think) that he has succeeded, but Joker is actually a loose cannon that is pretending to be under Strange's control to play him for a fool and make his own schemes based off the inside information he now has from Strange.

I can picture an incredible scene where the mastermind, Strange, overlooked details and realized that he himself was played for as a fool and made a deal with the wrong person. Anyway, I think this would be perfect for both villains. Both are masterminds that control others, but for both of them to work together, I think this scenario would have to be in place or something similar. So in short, Joker and Strange are both working off each other and will be the main villains; in Joker's case, he would be the surprise mastermind as he usually is when other villains are involved.

I believe that Joker is also siding with Strange not only for all the inside information and resources he can obtain, but also so that he might be able to find a cure, which I think he eventually does. Once he has the cure, he has his gang round up the Arkham City medical staff so that they can operate on him and cure him. This would be the perfect way to keep Strange from finding out and also explains why Joker has the medical staff hostage again in some of the game demo that have been circulating since E3. Joker might just use Strange own medical procedures in conjuction with the other doctors to find the cure himself without informing Strange of it. However, he keeps up the act of dying to throw off his enemies and even further give Strange a false sense of control. Perhaps he will fake his death more than halfway through the game and show up towards the end in true Joker style to reveal his plans

There is also just one more possibility I thought about Joker and his illness. Remember how at the end of the gameplay trailer back in March (man how time has flew) Batman was saying "It was all a lie, there's nothing wrong with you" to the Joker. I think that line was made to purposely mislead us to believe that Joker was faking his illness. What if Hugo changed Joker's medical files (like the doctor did in "The Last Laugh) or had his doctors on his pay roll to make Joker believe he was dying and make him even more ruthless than ever. This would give Strange the perfect window into forming a partnership with Joker, since he has the resources needed to make him feel better. Batman finds this out and tells the Joker, hecne the end of the trailer, and Joker is infuriated to no end. The only problem that I would have this is that is makes Joker a little too much like a pawn, but if he still has his own plans for Arkham City and was never truly loyal to Sharp regardless if he was dying or not, I can see this working pretty well.

Well, there is my theory. Sorry if it's long, but I had a lot of thought about these particular plot points.