View Full Version : Arkham Asylum installation issue

8th Aug 2011, 04:50
Hey guys. When I tried installing Arkham Asylum again, about halfway through the installation a blue screen popped up during the installation for a few seconds and the computer restarted. I have a legit copy of the game. When I inserted the disk again, the install option was greyed out and the play option was available. I went to the installation folder and saw that only a few files had copied over (none of the .exe's were there). I thought that since it was reading as installed, I might be able to uninstall it. I went to 'uninstall programs' but arkham asylum wasn't listed there. I want to know just how to remedy this problem. It's so damned frustrating :mad2:. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium X64.

8th Aug 2011, 21:19
try doing a system restore point
win 7 makes one when you install arkham asylum

9th Aug 2011, 05:40
Tried it, didn't work. Thanks though