View Full Version : batman launch error.

5th Aug 2011, 04:49
Recently I bought the pc game-Batman arkham asylum.(after checking minimum system requirements.etc.)

Now the problem is,when I try to launch the game,an error message shows up
"application failed to launch.................... xlive.dll file missing....etc....."
I think that some supporting file is missing..Games that require more requirements than "batman game" are running in my PC smoothly...So I am confused.Please help me...

My system requirements are:
OS:Windows XP 2,Pentium D 3.0 Ghz
Graphics card: ASUS EAH35O - 512MB
Direct X. 9.0 compatible sound drivers.etc.

My PC also have enough free disk space..Please help me...

5th Aug 2011, 18:39
I believe xlive.dll is file related to Games For Windows LIVE. You might need to try installing Games For Windows LIVE or re-installing it if you have it already.

Here's a link to the client to download: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/LIVE/PC/DownloadClient