View Full Version : Tomb Raider Anniversary wont start (but the demo worked!)

4th Aug 2011, 14:54
Unbelievable! This is my second post today. After first encountering lots of laggy mouse problems in Lara Croft (making it practically unplayable) I decided to buy Tomb Raider Anniversary on Steam.. I checked the demo and I was feeling nostalgic, so I went ahead and bought it. However, when starting up it wont work!!! :(

After starting the game (from Steam) the screen goes black briefly then it goes back to desktop with this message:

"Tomb Raider: Anniversary error - A fatal error has occured while playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Please refer to the readme file for information which might help you solve this problem, or contact Eidos customer support"

If I click "more details it says: "Disc error"

Whereas Lara Croft was installed on my girlfriends system I installed Anniversary on my own system: a quad core, 3.3 Ghz with 8 GB of ram and a Nvidia GTX460. All drivers have been updated and Im using Windows 7.

I'm pretty much irritated by buying TWO Eidos game today and both of them refusing to play properly! I spent 40 euros in total on it and Im left to play nothing. I did also buy Underworld.. I really hope that will work..

Please, help me fix this.


4th Aug 2011, 16:20
Well, an update. The previous error message has somehow vanished but another is now preventing me from playing..

When I start the game (both from inside steam or from the exe) it says: Failed to find steam..

Ive tried:

* Running it as adminstrator (both steam and TRA)
* downloading a No-cd crack and starting
* Tried running it through a steam shortcut directly ("C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 8000")
* Tried running it in various compatibility modes
* I varified the game files (they were fine)
* Tried adding -winxp" and "-dxlevel 90" to the shortcut command.
* Ive updated my drivers and DirectX
* Ive placed a downloaded msvcr71.dll file in System dirs (both 32 and 64) (suggested by someone on the steam forums who had a similar problem)
*Tried playing the game with my firewall off
* Defragged, cache check,
* Added TRA & TRL to DEP exceptions list

Man, this is frustrating! Ive been busy with this for hours.. :(


11th Jun 2017, 07:28
I'm going crazy looking for a solution, I have the same Problems.
I paid for this game in steam and I demand a solution since it is not our problem to have bought a failed game. :mad2::mad2::mad2: