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2nd Aug 2011, 15:23
I've had Kane and Lynch 2 since it came out and if you notice that my rank online (my gt on the xbox is HatedSovietLion btw) is still an 8. My parents are divorced and I keep having to switch houses so I bring my portable usb drive with me to each house, but every time I get back online my rank is reset back to an eight. I'm tired of it and would really like game creators to start saving people's ranks to online servers instead of forcing me to save it to my device which doesn't work. On that note is there anyway that Io-Interactive, Eidos, or Square Enix...one of the big three, could reset my rank back to a 4 which is where I just recently got it? I want to be able to have my rank transfer over so I can actually play the game and rank up. Please Forum post...you're my only hope.

3rd Aug 2011, 01:53
Are you bringing ALL of your save files on the USB? I wouldn't actually recommend using one, try a memory card for whatever system you have.