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21st Apr 2014, 16:22
try starting game but receive the above error. i go out and close the application down. try again still get same error.

21st Apr 2014, 16:50
i turned my ps4 off multiple times and now i can get the game running. so this thread can be closed.

21st Apr 2014, 18:29
Funny I was getting the same message and what more annoying I WAS doing the World Transfer and now my character IS not showing up not even in the PC ver I tried my PS4 and got the (E-82F001F7) I hope I didn't lose my character I sent a message to SE I really don't want to lose my character :(

update- Check the Mog Station it says I'm still there just not showing up :confused: did the Error E-82F001F7 delay it?? oh right I should say my PC ver and PS4 ver are connected >_>

21st Apr 2014, 18:33
Well with all due respect, the thread should stay open since its the only one mentioning the error here.

I am having the same error, I'd like to know if its just something i have to wait out or what, because turning my system off and on, over and over doesn't seem like an effective means of trouble shooting, and I think this may be a PS4 network error since the majority of the searches I found are related to PS4 multiplayer titles and features.
It's my first time having this problem on PS4 since i got it 3 months ago, -but there are posts about it from the first week the PS4 was released, I would like to hear a clear answer on the cause of the problem especially if its going to be reoccurring.

So far I can only make out that Sony claims it is external, but it seems possibly related to PSN traffic

21st Apr 2014, 18:41
And now I am getting the error "NW-31194-8"

21st Apr 2014, 19:19

PSN maintenance today >_> I wish I looked before trying to Change worlds but after the maintenance is done my character will show up right? I just found out this on Gamefaqs

21st Apr 2014, 19:24

PSN maintenance today >_> I wish I looked before trying to Change worlds but after the maintenance is done my character will show up right? I just found out this on Gamefaqs it must be just PS4 since I can get into PC ver but no character yet

21st Apr 2014, 19:41
Thanks for sharing, they really need to make more of an effort to warn us of maintenance on PSN. It always seems to come from out of left field. Anyways, good luck with changing worlds, should be fine.

21st Apr 2014, 23:20
I'm still getting E-82F001F7 even tho the maintenance is finished. :(

22nd Apr 2014, 00:06
This is what they told me about E-82F001F7

Dear Customer,

Regarding your request for technical support. Please find your answer below.

We apologize for any problems you experienced obtaining the content. However the issue you are describing is a problem with the Sony Entertainment Network. Please contact Sony for further assistance in how to redownload content obtained through the Sony Entertainment Network. As the Sony Entertainment Network is a separate service, managed by Sony, we cannot provide any assistance for it.

Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center.

looks like nothing new on it Btw about my account :( they told me in a e-mail saying they can't help me but they want me to chat with them :confused:

22nd Apr 2014, 00:12
I did get a respond from them

this is what they said

"Unfortunately the SQUARE ENIX Support Center cannot assist with this issue via email. In order to further assist you, we will need you to contact us via phone or chat, and the SQUARE ENIX Support Center will be happy to assist you."

I would post more but it says chat or call them and I'm 15 in the queue :( so they will tell me what happen to my character??

22nd Apr 2014, 01:16
Okay just got done chatting with them I hope this works but it was almost a long time before I got to chat with them :zzZ: I really really really really hope this works I can't log in now until I get the e-mail from them if this don't work I'll have to chat with them again

Update- No e-mail yet :zzZ: :zzZ: how long will it be?...

23rd Apr 2014, 02:49
Two topics are...Merged right that going to help??

Got a E-mail from SE not the one I'm waiting for they told me to have patience and

Please also note it can take several days to complete World transfer requests, so we kindly ask for your patience until the World transfer confirmation is sent to you by email.

If you completed all the steps for the World transfer and your character(s) has still not been transferred, then please visit the link below

:zzZ: so how long do I have to wait Several days?? oh btw they are doing

Lodestone Maintenance (Apr. 24)

All Worlds Maintenance (Apr. 23)

I hope this fixed my troubles I want my character back :(

24th Apr 2014, 02:15

No E-mail yet I'm thinking they forgot about my account! :mad: :zzZ::( ugh that means I have to chat with them again?? since the last time I chat with them I have NOT played the game >_> omg I'll wait one more day just to make sure then I'll chat with them

Update- Have patience just got done talking with them and to ask why I have not got a e-mail yet they told me they are investigating my issue so that agent told me to have patience aw man I should never left that server lol

Update-28th-Still no E-mail :zzZ: I'm thinking they really really really forgot I have not been in the game since the 21st what IS taking them so long??

28th Apr 2014, 16:36
IF they don't respond and send a e-mail they they said they WAS going to by May 5th I'm going to go chat with them >_> this is a bit annoying...

5th May 2014, 18:28
I went chat with them and I see

"Mail/Web Chat Support Technical Difficulties (Apr. 24)

Due to network issues, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties in which we cannot provide support via mail/web chat."

:mad: So I went and check MY Game MY character guess what MY character is Still now showing up in the game yes I went and check in the game I've tried the PC ver not not only that the picture of that Character is empty at the lodestone! so I tried to Transfer back to the Sever I moved to that didn't work either so my Character is really really lost :( This sucks what happen to my Character??

For the Lodestone it shows my lv and my name it just you know you're Character how it shows it? it's empty but my name is there so uh I think it's lost the only way to contact SE is by phone now ---

Temporary Phone Support Line
Tel: 310-846-0345 Business Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. *This temporary phone support line will be available even on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until current technical difficulties have been resolved.
*Because we anticipate a high volume of calls on this temporary phone support line, for any non-urgent matters we ask that you please wait and instead contact us through the Support Center once full recovery has been achieved.
In addition, investigations have revealed that we are not able to receive the following types of inquiries at this time:

--- End of quote

So I really don't know what to do I also have to tell them I did another world transfer :(

WAIT I was going to post my Lodestone of my empty Character for some odd reason win I Transfer back to my old server MY Character showed up!! :D:whistle::flowers::worship:;):) but it also showed that Guild I left I joined it again :confused: I guess I'm stuck on the Japanese server and I'm not Japanese If anyone is on Ixion I'll be on the PS4 oh god I'm excited wait now I just have to tell SE I have my Character back from my old server that I moved from I'm going to wait until they have there chat up sorry for this I just found out my Character is there! but what happen to my Transfer Character? I don't know about that one you see win I transfer to NA I lost my Character from April 21st to May 5 I did not go into the game until today so I re-transfer back to Ixion and poof my Character showed up I wish I did this long time ago I'm going to check my PS4 ver of the game also

5th May 2014, 20:23
Humm that error E-82F001F7 is not there no more I'm not sure win the fixed it but I can play my PS4 game and my Character is showing up sorry for turning my topic into I lost my Character topic it didn't help win they Merged my topic and the other topic as one I don't know if the other people who had E-82F001F7 are able to play the game to? so this topic is fixed I can play both my PC and PS4 ver and my Character is back ;) no more error E-82F001F7 for me