View Full Version : Can someone do Shock and Awe (extreme) for me?

27th Jul 2011, 05:26
I have been trying for months and i cant do it. Its the only one i need but its near impossible for me. I get enough points by the third round but i cant beat all the thugs in the last round. I have like 6 (!!!) left over. Im completely in love with the game and i would love to have a platnium for it. Can someone do it for me?

Batman The Trailer Hunter
27th Jul 2011, 06:05
Um practice makes perfect... i dont understand why so many people have a problem with this specific map

27th Jul 2011, 06:19
Its the time limit that i cant past it. I get the points but cant kill all the henchmen.

28th Jul 2011, 14:20
If you give me your savegame I'd do it for you. Otherwise I'd have to play through the whole game.

28th Jul 2011, 14:53
Use your batclaw and triple batarang! Thats 6 people on the floor right there.....the just ground takedown them all

28th Jul 2011, 20:34
This is the only thing I have yet to do for this game and I have tried to do it over 300 times - yes that is right. I can get nearly 100,000 points, I just can't beat that stupid timer. The best I ever did was have 3 dudes left to kill. I need 10 more seconds.

1st Aug 2011, 04:32
If I remember correctly (it's been a few months since I played Shock and Awe), ground takedowns are the key. They effectively eliminate enemies once they are on the ground, and they also increase your score by a large factor due to the multiplier from the move. Using the Quick Batclaw and Triple Batarang are pretty much *essential* to success in this one as well. Oh, and if you let the henchman pry open the gun chamber I'm pretty sure this one becomes pretty much impossible. Just a few tips :)