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19th Aug 2012, 19:50
I was very disappointed with how SE handled Reward Redemption this year. You'd think after totally revamping the site, that they would have made things more effiecent, but really, things are just a mess. Firstly, I never received an email informing about redeeming my points and getting my Ultimate Reward, I only read about it in the News section of this site. So I updated my information like post said to, and received nothing but a message on the screen that my profile had been updated. A message saying that I did things correctly and would be thus receiving my reward would have been nice, or an email confirming that I had successfully completed this.... although, I'm not entirely sure I receive SE emails anymore, since I never got one announcing the rewards, and I never get them aside from email notifying me that someone has responded to my thread here on the forum, even though my email address is correct here and the Square Enix Account site. Also, seeing as I've read that other people received their rewards last week, and still have yet to receive anything in the mail or my email, I think that it would be nice if SE could send us our tracking info so that we know where our rewards are and when we'll be receiving them.

At this point, I'm not sure if I will be receiving any rewards at all this year, and I'm totally disappointed with everything. I spend at least $500 in Square Enix product each year, am active in the community and support SE on every level. If I do not receive my rewards that I have been so looking forward to.... I'm not sure what I'll do. It's leaving a very bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts about the process..... fingers crossed that my package just hasn't made it's way to me yet. :'(

20th Aug 2012, 04:27
Have you checked any of the boxes (like "Square Enix Monthly") in SETTINGS --> Email Opt Ins? If not, then I don't think you will be able to receive many newsletters.

20th Aug 2012, 13:07
Yes, they're all checked in my settings.

20th Aug 2012, 17:22
Then did you receive the "What's new in WAKFU: Update 1.4!" about a week ago? That's the most recent newsletter SEM NA has sent out (via noreply@member.eu.square-enix.com (mailto:noreply@member.eu.square-enix.com)), as far as I know.

20th Aug 2012, 20:24
I've been receiving every email from SE MEMBERS as well, and have never gotten any notification on how to receive my reward, either.

Even I'm worried that I will not be receiving anything as well, and I qualified for Silver this year, too.

Hell, I'm only posting on this forum because of my worry.

21st Aug 2012, 13:16
No, Grimoire, I did not. I've never received any of the newsletters. The only things I get are forum notifications when has friend requested me, replied to my thread, or sent me a message. That's it. :(

And I hope we both get our rewards SaltoKojima.

21st Aug 2012, 18:02
How troublesome. Well, then the only thing to do is to wait and see what the staff has to say about this.

21st Aug 2012, 18:09
I know what you mean I wish their reward system was a little more user friendly.

21st Aug 2012, 21:08
I have my doubts that I'll get any response concerning my issues, but I had to at least try to put my thoughts on the whole thing out there.

29th Aug 2012, 11:29
I will also say I'm troubled by the way we handled things for the 2011 rewards, but the new website is actually a preparation for the 2012 reward system which, with all your feedback, should be much improved from both what you experienced this year and in years previous.

dxgirly, feel free to PM and I can check the status of your account in terms of what rewards you were eligible for.

29th Aug 2012, 12:24
PM'ing you now, Robert.

4th Sep 2012, 20:54
Still no response? I'm trying to be patient, but this is EXTREMELY frustrating. I just want to know what's going on, please. :\

6th Sep 2012, 11:22
I'm currently looking into your account, but it will take some time.

6th Sep 2012, 13:47
Okay. Thank you, Robert. Sorry for being so impatient; this is just very frustrating. I hope you understand.

10th Sep 2012, 20:56
I'm very dissapointed.

I am SURE I had registered enough titles to qualify for the 2011 Platinum Rewards, however I received in the mail only the Lanyard, Mousepad and Pin (Silver Tier Rewards).

That being said I was charged a $24 customs fee (I'm in Canada) because the package was labelled as having a $98 value.

That only re-affirms my belief a mistake was made...cause let's be honest Silver Tier rewards are NOT $98.

So I sent an e-mail to customer service, and of course I received (a week later) a canned impersonal message talking about the 2010 Rewards period! Not even the RIGHT subject! I've since responded with my login info and I am expecting to receive another canned impersonal message probably a week or two from now that is also no help at all.

VERY dissapointed with the service.

If this were Nintendo, problem would have been solved already (or never happened at all).


10th Sep 2012, 20:59
And sorry but, I can honestly say I would have rather NOT received "free rewards" in this case because...it COST ME $24 for the lame crap I'm never going to use...

Rewards for being a loyal customer are a nice touch for companies to do certainly, but SERIOUSLY SE!? Do it right or not at all.


17th Sep 2012, 15:47
Surprise surprise, it's been a week and I STILL have not heard a response.

I don't get it Robert, are you running this operation ALONE or something?

I don't mean to stress out the employees you have there at SE NA, but seriously this is a problem, customer relations are severely lacking...

17th Sep 2012, 15:47
Surprise surprise, it's been a week and I STILL have not heard a response.

I don't get it Robert, are you running this operation ALONE or something?

I don't mean to stress out the employees you have there at SE NA, but seriously this is a problem, customer relations are severely lacking...

17th Sep 2012, 15:57
It doesn't surprise me, honestly. I created this a month ago, and still haven't received anything or found out what's going on. I'm very disappointed in SE. I'm starting to understand why people have said they're going downhill lately. :'(

Oh, and I'm still not receiving emails except for forum notifications. bleh

17th Sep 2012, 16:18
I forgot to mention that the little pin I received was also BROKEN upon arrival because it was all poorly packaged...

21st Sep 2012, 20:14
Still no response... Ugh

6th Oct 2012, 06:47
It's been two months now. I give up. I'm completely disgusted with Square Enix and their customer service.

8th Oct 2012, 18:58
Still haven't heard anything on my end either... This is pretty pathetic SE...

1st Nov 2012, 18:29
Okay dxgirly,

We've investigated your issue and came to a resolution. Please check your messages in your MY PAGE.

1st Nov 2012, 18:40
Svalitz I'm not familiar with your situation, can you please send me a message through my MY PAGE and I'll investigate your issue for you.

I apologize for the delays for all of you. The reason we aren't as quick with the situations on the forums is this isn't the primary method to resolve this concern, but I completely understand the frustrations you all have and I'm trying to resolve them as quickly as I can. Typically our Customer Service center is the first line of response on these concerns.

I'm not 'on my own' but I could always use more help! In this case however, I would just appreciate as much patience as you can muster and I'll do my best to solve these cases one-by-one.

23rd Feb 2013, 19:17
Since my last post was not so positive, I'd like to say that my issue was resolved. Thank you, Robert. Faith resotred in SE ;)

26th Feb 2013, 15:49
DXgirly, did it really take seven months to resolve or did you just forget to update?

BTW, does anyone know what's going on for 2012 rewards? I have no idea if I'm already qualified or not.

26th Feb 2013, 15:59
It was resolved at the beginning of November, so 3 months. I just forgot to update before now. ^^;;

I don't think we know yet what's going on this year. Last year they didn't announce it until sometime in June.

28th Feb 2013, 15:18
How many points do you need to be elegible for a reward?

28th Feb 2013, 15:27
This has yet to be announced.

6th Mar 2013, 00:12
This website is horrible....I have 600 member points and have no idea where I can use these points. It's confusing and terrible....I'm a square enix fan And will be purchasing thief and future games regardless Makes some changes please. Don't just overlook your fans square.

6th Mar 2013, 02:08
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