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26th Jul 2011, 13:41
I know its cool that he's always in the suit but realistically he could always just buy the needed clothes to blend in, before the mission. With all the intel that they get for him I'm sure they could fabricate whatever disguise he needed. Always having to kill someone to take clothes seems ridiculous. But it is a fun part of the game. Any thoughts?

26th Jul 2011, 21:38
I think he should have some selectable default outfits. they would have to be suits. however you would have to apply bonuses and negatives to them. ie. I think 47 would look badass in a waistcoat and a holster for his silverballers. but the positives would have to be something like more health, with a negative of suspicion detection increase.

Then there is the white requiem suit. positive would be more bullet damage or penetration. and a negative of police suspect you instantly if alerted regardless of where you are on the map.

you could have a black trench coat and black fedora bugsy malone style its benefit would be the ability to conceal two handed weapons. negative would be a 50% increase in damage from bullets.

Selectable starting clothing aside, I think the only way your idea would work is if you are able to collect all outfits in the game like you can your guns, and along with your armoury in the safe house also have a wardrobe. This alone would allow room for DLC outfits like a Lynch wifebeater and jeans or Kane's silver suit, a ninja outfit to nod to mini ninja's. You could also have unlockable outfits, like an outfit you recieve for collecting all the other outfits.

The idea with outfits though is hitman has to adapt to the enviroment he is placed in, and the clothing is different all the time, and you seek them out to help you get past a guard silently or something.

3rd Aug 2011, 06:57
47 with his trade mark red tie and black suit? Yeah superhero costumes are not a good way to stay under the radar. I think you should start out with that but latter on be able to buy new ones. I also think that 47 should have a custom suit and 47 would blend in much better in some areas with a cap and sunglasses or something like that.

Enraged Penguin
6th Aug 2011, 00:29
47 with his trade mark red tie and black suit? Yeah superhero costumes are not a good way to stay under the radar.On the other hand the contrast between his suit and some of his disguises is immense. If some random guy walks past you in a smart suit, sure you'll probably take notice. But if he walks past you again dressed as a clown you're not even going to entertain the notion that it could be the same person.

Besides a lot of the disguises are ones that you just couldn't realistically enter a mission with. The only ones that would fly are civilian disguises, or disguises of people who are expected to come and go. If you just randomly walk into a restaurant dressed as a waiter or a chef during working hours, chances are the manager is going to take exception.

That's realistically speaking though, there's no way a game will ever be that in depth. So with that said I don't think that 47 wearing his trademark suit is too much.

18th Aug 2011, 12:22
I like this idea, but it obviously depends the scenario.
Taking the level of the jungle from Himtan 1, Agent 47's default outfit was very military style. No need for a purchase system for it.

However like I said, it depends. If you take it from a broader perspective, it's actually kinda like Tenchu Z's clothing mechanic; it's there to please the fans, and does nothing different in-game...

Plus you can always bum your outfit from the guy peeing in the corner :P

22nd Aug 2011, 20:43
i think that you should have different unlockable suits. i mean if at every murder scene a bald man with a black tux red tie and gloves is seen people might get suspicious

8th Sep 2011, 01:10
I've always wanted that feature! It would be awesome if you could, or at least be able to keep the ones you take with you out of missions.

Four Suited Jack
9th Sep 2011, 18:31
I think being able to buy a disguise before going in would defeat the purpose.

The Hitman games have always been about stealth and infiltration....that is until you replay a mission for the novelty of gunning everyone done...anyway, as I was saying, it would defeat the purpose in my opinion.