View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Attempting to join a steam friend's full game will block Siege mode.

21st Apr 2014, 13:38
-- If you have a steam friend that is currently playing Nosgoth, and is on a match, right clicking his name on the steam friends list and selecting the "Join Game" option will launch Nosgoth, and if the match is already full you will be left on the 'play screen', but Siege mode will be disabled, and the New Players match type will be selectable. These things are only noticeable, of course, your level is higher than 10.

Attempting to join the New Players match type when you are higher than level 10 will still result in being blocked out, even though the game will search for a match and will put you on a lobby--kicking you out a second after.

Possible Cause:
-- When attempting to join a friend's game, it might happen that Nosgoth overrides one of his profile checking and misses the information which states whether or not you have access to New Players and Siege matches.

Player 'Fix':
-- Restarting the game will load up every information as it is supposed to be. Playing Team Deathmatch is still possible during this bug.

Minor to Medium - On the current state of the beta, barely ever you will want to, or even find, a match for Siege; You still can't join New Players matches, which is good, and restarting the game will fix it, so all in all this is not currently a critical problem.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Have an account with a level higher than 10. Don't launch the game yet.
- Have a steam friend enter a TD match.
- Make sure that the match is full.
- Attempt to join his game--without launching Nosgoth by the 'play' button on steam, but by the "Join Game" option available when you right click on a friends name on the Steam Friends list.
- Wait for the game to load and notice the missing Siege option, and access to the New Players matches.