View Full Version : BSmodHQ update v.2.0 for BSP

23rd Jul 2011, 20:35
BSmodHQ update v.1.0 for BSP was a huge success addressing major complaints from players. Now 2.0 returns packing 3x the punch with retextures, fixing issues, changing gameplay and adding exciting movies to the mix.
Grab it July 30, 2011 at BSMmodHQ.weebly.com
Watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chHz01FPceg

30th Jul 2011, 06:20
BSmodHQ update v.2.0 for BSP has just been released to the public. Go check it out

22nd Oct 2011, 01:02
might be an annoying question .. is this a mod of bsp? 1st windows live game ive used for pc and not to keen on microsoft live based games to be honest but this game is amazing and i had to have it..shame i caught it late :nut:

22nd Oct 2011, 07:02
It is a mod technically but it works in the sense that it picks up fixing game issues where the developers stopped. In that sense it is a "patch"

22nd Oct 2011, 12:40
ahh tyvm for the quick reply..i will have a look :scratch:

22nd Oct 2011, 14:22
No problem and if you got any problems feel free to ask