View Full Version : A fix for game crash at startup (MCE Launcher error, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)

21st Jul 2011, 00:56
Hello everyone.

After a couple of days trying to fix the freaking game crash at startup I finally manage to run the game. I tried every single solution I've found on this forum and nothing worked. After so many tries I totally gave up and tried something stupid, but it worked just fine. The problem seems to be with the Launcher.exe file, when it checks if your copy of the game is legit or not. I've found a crack to replace the file. After switching it with the crack the game starts with no problems at all and works just fine. I'm not going to provide a link to the crack I've used, becouse I'm against game piracy (you can easily find it using Google, though). I hope this little hint will help the Eidos to find the problem and make a patch to fix it.



19th Sep 2011, 00:19
See my post here:


Hope this help you all out there!

17th Nov 2011, 17:14
Hi there. I had this problem. I fixed it by simply going to Microsoft and downloading the new Games for windows live marketplace application, installing it, then going to the root of the game folder and launching the kaneandlynch.exe.

Windows live then applied the patch and it hasn't given me any problems since.

It worked pre patched and with no cracked EXE or anything.. Just a pure genuine copy and the updated version of the microsoft games for windows marketplace.