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13th Jul 2011, 19:06
okay so part of this is a already asked question, but the rest I haven't found.

I am makeing a sewer level, and I am making this end part have water fall's, but I have never made one befor I know how to use waer brushes to make them look right, but what are some patern's to make a water fall, should I just make one have a square for the top, an > for the midle and a sqare going down, or what.
and I should I use white particales to make mist.
and what is the limit to flow brushes, because in this level I will use a ton.

level 1 = 20%
level 2 ect = 0%

and if you look at thief gold missions, I noticed that they are biult to move around in sqares, 2 difrent pathes to go to the same place, mission can end were it began, exept for the added missions,,, just a note

13th Jul 2011, 19:08
oh and please answer in orderly fashion

13th Jul 2011, 21:02
Even though this is the 'official' forum, the established forum is on TTLG, but I see that you've found it already.

13th Jul 2011, 21:56
I don't play that many fan missions, but I doubt anyone has tried that. You could ask in the FMs forum (on ttlg).

19th Jul 2011, 17:03
So far, I have not heard of a FM like that, but I'm not very sure. There are a lot of FMs out there just for Thief 2. Even if there is one out there that matches your scenario for your FM, I'd say make it anyway. It would be in your preferred style and layout.