View Full Version : Any Possible Way to Transfer Saves?

9th Jul 2011, 06:47
Hello, my brother and I both bought B:AA for PC 2 days ago as part of the Steam summer sale. He owns a desktop and I a laptop. Long story short, my laptop has an overheating issue, which causes B:AA to crash after about 20 minutes of game play.

He's already around 20% through the game and I haven't even finished my 1st percent. I can play my copy of the game on my brother's PC when it is not in use, but as far as I know, any progress I make on my brother's computer will not transfer to my laptop when I get it fixed (1 to 2 weeks).

Is there any possible way to transfer my game save from my brother's PC to my laptop once I get it fixed? Or am I going to have to simply start from scratch? (which would suck)

Can Windows Live work in a way similar to Steam Cloud to save my game data? I just really want to play the game without my progress being a total waste of time.

tl;dr: Can I transfer my save games and progress from one computer to another? (Such as Steam Cloud).

sir biscuit
16th Jul 2011, 05:47
Just go to the Eidos folder,save data &copy to usb drive. Install then to laptop in same place - no problem !