View Full Version : Saving progress within a mission?

6th Jul 2011, 21:30
I play games when I have time and I may not have the time to finish a mission. I want to be able to save my progress and come back where I left off without penalty. I have no problem with limiting the number of saves, I just want to be able to save when and where I want.

If I can't save my progress, i won't buy the game!

6th Jul 2011, 23:33
You will be able to save your progress in game still, however it will be for regular difficulties as before no doubt, leaving just professional difficulty with one shot flawless runthroughs.

7th Jul 2011, 01:08
In Blood Money I could save within a mission, but the saved game was lost if I turned off my console. Upon re-start it would take me back to the start of a mission. I found that unacceptable and never finished the game.