View Full Version : No menu at the tittle screen

3rd Jul 2011, 15:59
Just installed BSP in windows 7 64 when i run it i ended up at the title screen I though it was just loading so i just left it there after about 15~20 mins i check it and its playing the war movie thingy when i click it, it ended up in the tittle screen with no menus kindly help and advance thank you

this is what I mean I put Fullscreen 0 on option.ini (or it was txt) so I can screen shot it


11th Jun 2012, 21:15
Download and install microsoft games for windows live from here:

19th Jun 2012, 15:26
I had this for two days after a re-install of the game from a hard-drive failure. Installing the BSmodHQ update sorted the problem out it can be found here, BSmodHQ update (http://www.battlestations.co.za/bs-pacific.html) install version one first then version 2.