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28th Jun 2011, 07:18
I'm a big fan of the Hitman franchise, I've played every game other than Codename 47, and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. I would go through multiple times trying to find every possible way to complete the mission. My favorite was to kill no one but the target. I could still go back, dust off the PS2 and have fun playing it

The reason I say "don't mess this game up" is that I have seen too many of my favorite game franchises (Splintercell, Socom, etc...) go to **** because the developers thought they needed to change the game to appeal to the casual gamer. I understand that sales are of great importance, but so is good gameplay.

If you're going to add in features like Instinct Mode, please don't make it so we HAVE to use it to accomplish the missions. Also cover can be a good idea, but this somewhat implies that there are going to be firefights, and I would rather not have full blown gun battles when I see enemies. Finally, please try to avoid using scripted interactive cut-scenes because, although they are cinematic, they take away from the gameplay and just become a forced movie. A suggestion I have if this is unavoidable is have dynamic cinematic cut-scenes so you would be able to take multiple routes into the story parts. An example being if you went into a scripted sequence, it would differ if you went in guns ablaze or stealthily. It might require a little more work, but it would add variety and replayability to the game.

Anyways my point is don't kill the old gameplay my trying to be "Next Gen". Don't turn this into a third person shooter, but keep it more of a puzzle game with guns like it was. Add in the new things are to appeal to new fans, but don't forget about the fans that supported you for years. Dont try to be another game, Be Hitman

EDIT: Also I hope Jesper Kyd is doing the soundtrack, it would instantly double the awesomeness.

28th Jun 2011, 16:22
Kyd isn't doing the track which kills half the game already. The game looks like it will be DOA, it may be a good game but it won't be Hitman.

Bring back the original voice actor too.

29th Jun 2011, 07:50
Basically If you watch NPC's on your map its basically the same thing as looking through wall. Unlike the splinter cell games Hitmans map has always been real time.

30th Jun 2011, 11:35
Basically If you watch NPC's on your map its basically the same thing as looking through wall. Unlike the splinter cell games Hitmans map has always been real time.

Play the game above normal. GASP No NPCs on the map!

30th Jun 2011, 16:01
Very true, Hitman blood money was more of a puzzler then a shooter and that was what attracted me. I would play every level and just go through different route and had so much fun every time. They need a mode where its like survival mode or timed levels. Also Split screen Co-OP!! Why not?!? Why wouldn't they add in a mode that would not ruin the story line but add just some more fun with friends!?

2nd Jul 2011, 18:51
Don't bother to play Codename 47, you arent missing much

3rd Jul 2011, 14:53
Don't bother to play Codename 47, you arent missing much

I disagree. It's dated, and by no means the best title in the series, but C47 has a few decent levels. Well worth checking out, xfactor: see where it all started.

6th Jul 2011, 19:19
Play the game above normal. GASP No NPCs on the map!

All I play is pro but didn't they say that on harder difficulties that those features wouldn't be there. Also on Blood Money when you get a disguise your completely invisible so there was no need to see through walls anyway. Thats why I liked Silent Assassin better because you actually had to avoid the Guards because unlike Blood Money they could see through disguises.

Also the older Splinter Cells have rader the show were the NPC's are even on hard, thats why its kind of funny when people complain about Convictions sonar googles.

11th Jul 2011, 05:11
Hitman has mini maps? I bought BM on steam for two bucks and it will entertain me enough until this comes out! Then, I can make my own educated decision as opposed to just a few screenies and some leaked info/wtfever. But, for some hxc fans of any serires pre-ordering is half the fun b/c you just don't know what's going to happen.

23rd Jul 2011, 18:11
If Kyd isn't doing the soundtrack that's a shame....it really added to whole Hitman experience.....

Also, I don't have that big of a problem with the seeing through walls "instinct mode", I can see how it serves the same purpose of the NPC's on the map. What I'm hoping is that it wont have to be used to find a secret passageway that you need to go through to get to the next part of the level (or something of that sort).

I do have a problem with checkpoints being added, because it might mean that the game is going to be more scripted and would give us less choice on what to do next. We'll be funneled into the areas that they want us to go to for the next cut-scene, rather than choosing our own way around the map (and on lower difficulties, saving whenever you wanted to).

I looked at some gameplay of Codename 47, and the missions look similar to some of the other Hitman games, I might check it out.

I don't think Splintercell had a map at all from my knowledge, let alone NPC's on it....but I could be wrong.

@agent47. a CO-OP campaign could be amazing if done correctly. It would add so many more possibilities for outcomes in the missions (like if one person gets a Cop disguise and pretends to take him in to get awareness levels down or to infiltrate a secure location). That would be amazing, but we could only hope right now.......

/Endrant :D

21st Oct 2011, 16:24
Well i will be happy if the game is at all playable, so far all the hitman games have been with almost zero bugs.

But other developers are starting to lose their gripp on reality by missing serious memmory leaks, and causing both game and OS crashes.

Also many PC game developers like microsoft are starting to clone game code from console versions,
HONESTLY console games beeing emulated on PC, ARE NOT PC GAMES!!!
Last time that happened to me, i not only had to buy a gamepad, but also install an X-box controll emulator in order to make it work in the game at all.
So i needed an emulator for my emulated game (doubble emulation).

Many games are eaven starting to get recogniced as potential viruses by most anti virus programs.

27th Oct 2011, 07:56
i really hope this doesnt end up like kane and lunch 2

8th Nov 2011, 07:52
well considering i havent played it yet, its hard to say if its even possible to mess it up.

maybe what you should be saying is "please dont ruin this franchise, or insult veteran players' intelligence by doing so..if it aint broke, dont fix it?"

i think this is what you infer? in that case i would agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. afterall, it does say hitman in the title, does it not?

still, just because theres no jesper, and a small mention of the "instinct mode" new game mechanic, doesnt mean we need to immediately draw negative conclusions about it just yet.

this is why i really hope theres a playable demo in the works.?