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24th Jun 2011, 21:05
I have devised a short list of how much money you can get from destroying certain things.
The things in this list are exempt from those which tell you how much you gain once they are destroyed.

Perfect for free-roam destruction money-making.

Military Jeeps and SUV's: $300 per vehicle
These are commonly the Wilforce and the MV cars they 'throw' at you through the heat level rankings, in case your wondering, the chaos does not affect the reward, for example: If i blow up one vehicle i gain $300 and 50 chaos, if i blow up two at once i get 100 chaos, But, i still get $600 for the both.
Motorcycles and Shmizu ATV quadbikes are exempt.

Military Helicopters: $300 per helicopter
These are the Chippewa helicopters that are set upon you through the rankings, as i said before, you do not gain extra money by blowing up more than one at the same time. Stationary Guapaw's/unmanned Guapaws are exempt, along with stationary/unmanned attack choppers.

Military Jets: $300 per jet
These do not come after you during heat level free-roam, however at a base that is not 100% complete they spawn, by taking down the 'Leopard' jets you can gain money, stationairy jets/unmanned jets not so. I have found this does NOT work with Civilian airliners and the large military cargo jet.

Propane Tanks: $100 per canister.
Not the red drums but the white gas canisters, the ones which seemingly take off into orbit carry a nice $100 per canister WHEN they have blown up, not as they take off.

Military Missile blocks: $200 per block
These are extremely rare, two blocks can be found on top of the government mansion near the Reapers base within the south west region of the desert landscape.

Oil drums: $50 per drum
A measely amount to be paid, but because there is so many of them, even at stronghold bases once complete, they provide a little extra income.

I have also found that...
Boats, both of the military boats which come after you during heat levels carry no money reward or even chaos.
Motorcycles and Quadbike/ATV's do not carry any chaos or reward.
Unmanned air craft does not carry a reward or chaos, even civilian planes, no matter how hard you missile them.
The MV Quartermaster, which is not used within heat levels, still gains chaos, even when unmanned/stationary, rather like it's counterparts the MV V880 and the other vehicle SUV's that are used during heat levels.
I have found that heavy military weapons, including tanks and the stonewall vehicle carry no reward either.

Just a little extra info for you guys! add to it if you want.