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23rd Jun 2011, 09:18
Good day to everyone.

I've played through all Hitman series (several times actually) and I find that the balance in the existing games is very fragile. It is too easy to fool everyone around by your disguise or just outright kill everyone in the level. The higher difficulty settings are not the solution, since they just make enemies tougher and decrease realism (e.g. the guard recieves a 9mm bullet in his neck and starts shooting at you in a second :)). While I love all the games and agree that for the time they were launched they were brilliant - it would be great to have a better balance/realism in the new Hitman.
Below are some unrealistic points from the previous games and my snapshot suggestions.
1) Hitman health overpowered. A hit to the head - no problem. --- Introduce injuries. E.g. lame leg, damaged arm - so you can't use the two-handed guns and have to shoot with the healthy one, ect.
2) Blood on clothes is not attracting much of attention. --- Make this count. If you were hit, or shot someone else up close - you will be covered in blood and leave bloody footprints. The guards would sure notice this. They can still think you were hit in the firefight with the hitman (taking you are disguised as a guard), but still they would check you out. The black suit may be more resistant to stains, while other clothes less. This will also force players to use non-bloody assasination methods (martial arts, environmental objects ect.) rather than shooting everyone with the silenced pistol. Also - dragging the bloody body is useless, since it will leave a bloody trace on floor. Unless you have a mop nearby :lmao:
3) Weapons are too easily available. --- Naturally a killer would have to purchase a gun at the new destination and dispose of his guns after each mission, that is why real assasinations are done with simple mass production weapons (cheap and effective). Having a pistol with a sniper scope and automatic fire in your poket makes it all too easy. Since 47 will be hunted in the new serie, it would be nice to restrain weapons purchasing (or even make some side missions, you have to play to obtain better weapons - like robbing a police station, or purchasing from the arms smugglers).
4) Unrealistic weapon carrying. --- You just can't carry most smgs in your pokets. And those are not concealable. Carrying small pistol (not the one with the scope and silencer) in your pants is ok, but smg requires special holster. Again - there is the reason, why silencers are kept separately from the gun by most killers - it is hard to conceal a pistol with a long silencer. Introduce some creativity with concealing weapons. If you want to go with your silenced gun undetected - put your cloak over your arm with the gun, ect.
5) Unrealistic timing. It takes a few seconds to change your clothes and no time to pick up guns and ammo. --- While you can grab a gun from the floor quickly - you'll have to spend some time searching the body for ammo clips and even more time to change clothes. It will be funny to see Hitman caught off-guard with his pants down. :lmao: Still he can carry a gun in this half-dressed state and finish dressing after the danger is gone. Searching the bloody bodies is likely to leave marks on the Hitman hands or clothes.
6) Search and Destroy IQ. --- Some enemies would rather run and call reinforcements. Wounded enemies may try to hide.
7) No reinforcements. --- People are going to call police if they hear gun-shots. And if the automatic fire is involved - prepare to meet the SWAT teams in a 10-15 minutes. So if you are an agressive "shoot em up" player - watch the timer - you have several minutes to do you job, before the guys in blue will arrive with heavy guns. This will make both stealth and agressive aproaches challenging. Either plan carefully and do not make mistakes, or storm the place in a limited time.

23rd Jun 2011, 14:37
I love the injuries idea and i love the mop idea, but i also loved the cool guns you can carry around so even though they are un-realistic i still want them in the game, we should just have to earn the weapons. It was pretty easy in the previous games (Bloodmoney being my favorite) to earn weapons so im looking more for an challenge in absolution.

:lmao:Great Ideas Dark Arts, lets hope the developers are thinking like us more than Call of Duty fans...:lmao:

26th Jun 2011, 00:15
Great post.

I think there is a lot of nostalgia going on here.

I'm an old school hitman fan also, but there are a lot of things about the old hitman games that I didn't like or agree with, and would personally fix if I was designing the game.

I have always been a garrot wire and knife man. Silenced ballers I use occasionally to take down targets due to timing concerns. But realistically, you need to be using pick-up guns or cheap pawn shop trades in order not to be traced to a crime, or have some gunho cop link you to all the crimes thanks to tracing your bullets. Needless to say, an assassin using a shotgun or SMG is just ridiculous.

And while I love using a silencer because it's cool, again in the vein of using disposable weapons, the options of using pillows or water bottles as pick-up silencing options would be great.

The blood trail from the clothes or draggin of someone who's been shot or knifed is a great idea. Encourages people to use tranquilizers or garrot.