View Full Version : HitmanBM Silent Assassins Unite!!

23rd Jun 2011, 06:10
Hey I loved blood money, played it so many times on original xbox (it had the coolest leaderboard!!!) and 360{ no leaderboard : ( } If they just Improved the graphics and make the Missions about the same. 47 really needs movement like Conviction has with a lot more hand to hand kills and actually using your surroundings to your advantage as the second trailer shows! I get Very upset when they put things in trailers that you can't actually do in the game.. I loved the Blood money ...the vineyard..the Opera.. heaven and hell... the Hotel !!!!! all these levels were thought out and mastered the only thing that flawed was 47 with his staggered motions and his stand up or crouch like a terrorist. I'd say make absolution with the same level concepts just get 47 moving more fluently and deadly! Ballers or No Ballers people will Die Horribly :whistle::lmao: